Gender Equality & Respect for All

Hello My Friends!

At the present time, humanity is similar to a bird flying in the sky with one good wing and one ailing wing. The ailing wing of the bird is the Receptive, or feminine energy. Gender Equality is advancing, but when we hear in the news about sexual assaults, rapes and harassment in the workplace, we know we still have much to do. The domination of one gender over the other affects society in a negative way, it is time for a change!

The Gender Equality and Respect for All program includes all people: men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans-genders because they all contain within themselves the duality of the Active, or masculine, and Receptive, or feminine energies.  For centuries, the negative aspect of the Active force has been predominant in the world, causing an imbalance which results in armed conflicts, ruthless business practices, disrespect for women, human rights violations of all kinds and deterioration of the environment, to give just a few examples.

That’s why I want talk to you about Gender Equality and Respect for All and how we can make a difference.

The equality I am talking about is based on the Dual Origin,the polarity of Active and Receptive forces which pervade the Universe.The Active makes things happen, the Receptive allows them to happen.  These primal forces exist in us in microcosm because we are an integral part of the universe, not separate.  If it is in the universe it is in ALL of us. Think of it as a coin: the two sides, the head and the tail, are made of the same metal and form the coin. 

Tradition has it that being “masculine” means rough and being “feminine” means sweet. Gender stereotype begins from the cradle: baby boys wear blue, when they grow up they are told “boys don’t cry”, baby girls wear pink, when they grow up they are told “girls don’t get angry, don’t climb trees”, the list is long. It has been that way for centuries, but in the era of the worldwide web and space exploration it is time for the bird of humanity to fly high with two good wings and to restore, balance, respect and harmony for all.

  • The Active and Receptive forces are present everywhere, for example:

  • The atom, which contains protons, with a positive charge, and electrons with a negative charge

  • Electricity: DC, AC – direct current and alternate current, positive and negative

  •  Condensation and  evaporation, etc

  •  Taoism, with  the Taiji which contains Yang, active, and Yin, receptive

  • Yoga teachings, which divide our organs into the organs of action, our mouth, arms, legs and  organs of reproduction, and organs of perception, our tongue, eyes  and ears

  •  Again, in yoga, the two nerve currents along our spine that carry the life energy known as prana: on the right side, active, positive, on the left side, negative, receptive

  • In literature, Margaret Fuller, author of “Woman of the 19thcentury”, called this polarity the  two sides of the great radical dualism

  • In psychology, Carl Yung, the Swiss psychiatrist, talked about the union of opposites to become a balanced person.

It’s important to understand that both the Active and Receptive forces have a constructive or destructive aspect: 

  •  The destructive aspects of the Active force show up within us as domineering, uncompromising and rigid attitudes, being competitive, speaking in a harsh manner

  • The constructive aspects of the Active force show up in us as being direct, self-reliant, tolerant

  • The destructive aspects of the Receptive force are: feeling powerless, not taking action, being subservient, submissive, manipulative

  • The constructive aspects of the Receptive force are: cooperation, letting our heart speak, paying attention to our intuition (gut feeling), listening to other people, being nurturing, compassionate. 

  • When we balance and use the Active and Receptive forces within us in a constructive way we ARE making a difference around us because we are connected to one another and to the Universe. 

Making a difference is NOT an unattainable dream.To quote Margaret Mead, the famous anthropologist: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

Thank you!