Our Mission

The aim of the Gender Equality and Respect for All program is to educate the public on restoring respect, balance and harmony for all by raising awareness of the need to balance the positive aspects of the Active - or masculine - and Receptive - or feminine - forces present in the entire universe and all human beings regardless of their gender identity. The Active makes things happen, the Receptive allows them to happen.

We give presentations and formal (or informal) talks on Gender Equality and Respect for All to reach as many people as possible. While the need to give women their full rights is widely understood, the correlation with the destruction caused by the imbalance between the Active and Receptive energies is often not made. We collect and share stories to show examples of people who have made a difference in the world by bringing their Active and Receptive principles within themselves to balance.

Education in Action

  • A Talk on Gender Equality

The bird of humanity needs two wings to fly high in the sky. Currently, one wing is ailing as can be witnessed every day with violence in schools, ruthless business practices and armed aggression, nationally and internationally, to name just a few examples. The ailing wing of the bird is the Receptive, or feminine energy in the world. The existence of humanity is based on the Dual Origin, a polarity that pervades the entire universe. It is present in the atom: protons + (positive force) and electrons - (negative force), in electricity DC + (positive force) AC - (negative force), evaporation and condensation, yin and yang, etc. This polarity is often referred to as Active - or masculine or positive; and Receptive, or feminine, or negative. The Active makes things happen, the Receptive allows them to happen. This is the basis of all existence. Without either one or the other, there simply would be no life.

  • a presentation on GENDER EQUALITY

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Dual Origin Resources

This suggested reading list provides examples of various fields which give an insight into the duality of Active and Receptive energies (or masculine and feminine) present in all human beings regardless of their gender identity. Some also give an insight into how the Active, or masculine, has been suppressed in women and the Receptive, or feminine, suppressed in men, thus causing much suffering to both genders and aggressiveness and violence in the world. Also included is an example of what can be accomplished when the Active and Receptive energies are balanced

Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility.
— Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General (2007-2016)