The Gender Equality and Respect for All program is based on the philosophy of the Dual Origin, the polarity of active, or masculine, and receptive, or feminine, energies within all human beings. Currently the active energies are prevalent in the world, which creates an imbalance.

The Gender Equality and Respect for all Program seeks to help people of all ages by providing an understanding on how the present imbalance between the active and receptive energies affects the world we live in, and how we can make a difference.



What We Do and Why

The aim of the Dual Origin: Beyond Gender Equality program is to educate the public on restoring respect, balance and harmony for all…

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Education in Action

The bird of humanity needs two wings to fly high in the sky.  Currently, one wing is ailing as can be witnessed every day with violence in schools, ruthless business practices and armed aggressions, nationally and internationally, to name just a few examples.

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